How To Dry Cabinets After Water Damage

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By Mike Powell

Water from floods, plumbing issues, or appliance problems can cause damage to cabinetry. The key is to get the cabinets dried out quickly to avoid serious Fort Lauderdale water damage. In order to do this you need to evaluate the situation. Because wood naturally absorbs water, most cabinet pieces are protected with a varnish or sealant. Check to see if these protectants are holding up. The longer they are exposed to moisture, the weaker they become. The key to saving your cabinets is to dry out the wood as quickly as possible. As long as the wood has not swelled or cracked, you should be able to save them. 

Step One
Disassemble as much of the cabinets as possible. Remove anything that isn’t attached to the floor or walls. Take off the toe kick found at the bottom of the cabinets. Remove all doors and drawers. Set these pieces aside in a dry area. Drill holes in the wood found under the toe kick to help speed drying time to enclosed areas.

Step Two
Take Advantage of air circulation. You’ll want as many sources of ventilation as possible. Open windows and doors. You can buy or rent high powered fans. These will speed up the circulation of air around the cabinets. Avoid using AC or furnace blowers, especially if these have also been water damaged.

Step Three
Get rid of any other sources of moisture in the room. Water logged carpeting or furniture will keep the humidity levels high. Take these items out. Remove any standing water with a wet vac. The less moisture surrounding your cabinets, the quicker they will dry out.

Step Four
Run a de-humidifier in the area. These machines remove moisture from the air in order to dry the room’s environment. They can speed up the drying process. When using the de-humidifier, close the windows and doors, especially if the outdoor humidity is high. You can place desiccants such as clay, silica gel, or calcium oxide in the cabinets as they will absorb moisture.

If the drying job is too large for you to handle yourself, contact a professional water removal company. These experts have the knowledge and tools to tackle any form of water damage. They will also check for mold and mildew which can become a health hazard. Contact your home owner’s insurance to see what services are covered.


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