Full Service Help For All The Challenges A Commercial Fire Brings

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By Mike Powell

A fire that damages your business presents a set of challenges overwhelming to you, your employees, and your customers. The harm done to the structure and contents of your workspace parallels the potential loss of client trust and loyalty as you react to the aftermath. Actions taken by firefighters and the effects of fire extinguishing systems at your site complicate efforts to return the premises back to pre-loss condition. Ordinary cleaning procedures create more problems because of the nature of the damage, debris, and residues. Restoring commercial fire damage requires a professional approach from a full-service disaster restoration company.


The effects of fire are wide-ranging. Obvious problems include charring, soot, and smoke residues. Chemical extinguishers leave a huge mess, difficult to clean and pervasive because of the propellant. Water damage is common, mixing with other detritus to soak and soil walls, ceilings, furnishings, floors and floor coverings, electronics, and documents. Microbial growth follows water damage if not abated as early as 48 hours after the firefighting. Heating and cooling systems harbor soot, smoke, and fungal outbreaks, moving them to unaffected areas of the building and tainting the air. Odors created by any or all of the preceding effects linger, reminding of the fire long after remediation of the visible evidence.

Fire damage restoration needs a systematic approach from an established and experienced disaster response company. A fast and thorough inspection followed by the creation of a multifaceted plan to resolve every issue raised by the fire and its aftereffects are the key. Trained and certified technicians must be in place to execute each step of the plan, using industry approved methods appropriate to all the challenges presented. The goal of a quality disaster restoration company is to restore rather than tear out and replace, transforming a filthy, sodden mess back to the ship shape condition your business featured pre-loss. A company that handles both fire and water damage leaves nothing to chance and is the wisest choice.

Speed is essential as the restoration continues, but it is also best if the affected area can be isolated allowing your business to continue, even in a limited way, as the work completes. A company that understands a balance must be struck between their efforts, and your commerce is most likely to deliver the results needed. Forward thinking restoration contractors work with businesses before a blaze ignites, setting priorities and planning for the most efficacious strategy should disaster strike.







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