Fire Damage Restoration: A Quick Overview

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By Mike Powell

If your property is subjected to fire damage, it’s important for you to know how to address the issue. Often, residential and commercial property owners think they can handle the restoration process independently. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the fire damage restoration process is complicated and usually convoluted, meaning that getting the job done quickly and correctly necessitates professional intervention. Industry specialists will typically use a four-part process to optimize and accelerate each component of the restoration project so that your property is thoroughly restored. Here are the four steps commonly involved:

1. Drying
Once a fire transpires, excess water is the most important issue to address and resolve. If the standing water is not removed immediately and completely, the property structure could be subjected to a health-compromising mold invasion. In recognizing this reality, restoration specialists use industry equipment such as dehumidifiers and air-moving machines to ensure that your business or household is dried thoroughly.

2. HVAC System Repair
After a fire takes place in your home or office, your HVAC system can become clogged. If this happens, the filters or coils of the machine can become filled with soot and other forms of debris. Remediation specialists will examine your HVAC system to decide whether any replacements or repairs are necessary.

3. Structural Repair
Fires do severe damage to your office or home’s structure. When this structural damage takes place, replacements become necessary. Industry experts handle this task by utilizing specialized equipment and advanced remediation strategies and systems.

4. Unsalvageable Debris
Often, fires cause serious damage to the property owner’s personal materials and possessions. While many of these items are salvageable, some may be beyond repair. These items have to be disposed of in a safe, sanitary work. In addition to completing content restoration work, remediation specialists remove and discard unsalvageable items for their clients.

Don’t Delay: Call The Professionals Today
Fire damage is no laughing matter. If it goes unaddressed or is not handled properly, the damages can cost you extensive time and money in repairs. Don’t let this happen. Instead, ensure that the fire damage restoration process is completed quickly and correctly by calling the professionals. Industry experts work with lightning speed to get your property back in exceptional condition.


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